Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Left out. Ever feel that way? Pretty much like you're in a 4x100m pass-baton race and you're the last one to reach the finish line. Know what hurts other than losing? The feeling of being left out to be the last, mixed up with the feeling you get after disappointing your teammates who work hard to pass the baton to you.

Confusing aite? I am complicated that way.

It gets harder when you don't know the reason why you're always behind. Probably because you're the one who chooses to run slowly and carelessly.

Well sometimes when people told you to go ahead, walk faster, don't stop, you tried hard to move ahead faster, but then your shoe lace gets untied. And you have no other choice other than stopping to tie it back up. And then they keep on shouting hey walk faster, and you feel like yelling and tell 'em " eh tak nampak ke orang tengah ikat tali kasut?"

Ok don't bother understanding. Nobody understands better than God anyway.


LiYaNa said...

sumtimes its just ok to feel sad or fail..because we are humans..and the challenges in life...the best thing is, not to lost and grief but, to lost and become stronger..

p/s: and yes, god understand more..so, pray and ask from Him..=)

zulaikhazainol said...

like :)

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