Saturday, December 11, 2010


All of a sudden rindu semua ni;

1) The feeling of freedom after SPM, like the whole world is finally yours.
2) Zaman smap, eat babu's bread at the hostel's back gate every Monday evening.
3) Zaman smap lagi, climbing the front gate of the hostel after a late-night illegal return from times square.
4) Secretly went to rumah belakang sekolah to charge handphones dekat makcik aiskrim. Sehari seringgit kalau tak silap.
5) Mengumpat PP (pemimpin pelajar aka pengawas) sebab gelabah cari handphone orang. Sorry PP.
6) Jumping and screaming like crazy alone in the house when JPA application status stated 'accepted'.
6) Talking in front of the rotating fan and hearing your own robot voice.Macam cool geela.Ireland tak guna kipas pusing. sobs
7) Jogging to the beach with abah and ayit and spontaneously mandi upon reaching the beach.
8) Driving our baby kelisa and hearing ayit scream everytime the speed exceeds 100.
9) Talking to ira and adik until midnight and pretending to sleep when mama peeked through the door.
10) Salam abah and mama before sleeping every night.
11) Rempit the whole kampung on tok awang's bike.
12) Gaduh dengan geng kampung sebelah sebab gelabah gila panggil kitorang hitam. Macam kau putih melepak sangat.
13) The urge of sending lab reports every week in KMB.
14) Aiskrim Maksu. Jus epal wakaf.
15) Patrick, spongebob, and teddy at home.
16) The arguments everytime planning a class outing.
17) The last day of Chemistry exam, IB.
18) Crying and having someone to really listen to you.

I miss everything that is not related to Dublin. Life has not been this much complicated before, this city tends to turn my life upside-down.
Ngapppp tak bersyukur. Cepuk kepala sendiri.

Exam pharmaco+patho+microb tadi susah, tapi must stay positive. Boleh jawab boleh jawab boleh jawab. inshaALLAH.

p/s: "I'm sorry does my back hurt your knife?" Epic. lol