Friday, December 10, 2010


Today I learned something precious,

Telling people "I'm stupid", won't make you any smarter.

Telling people "I'm ugly", won't make you any prettier.

Telling people "my fart stinks", won't make it smells any better.

Sometimes we tell others, oh I'm so stupid, oh I'm so fat, oh I'm so ugly, oh I'm so dark,

Just to make them comfort us and tell us no you're pretty, no you're gorgeous blablabla.

So pathetic. I did that most of the times, but not to seek for people comforting me, but because of inferiority complex.*eceh eceh berdalih pulak*

If you noticed, sometimes people upload a picture, say in their blog or on facebook, and put a caption to tell the world, like,
"saya sungguh gemok dan buruk."
"saya sungguh tembam."
"saya nampak selekeh dan hodoh."

Then orang pun berduyun-duyun komen,
"Taklah you look pretty in this."
"No lah slim macam maya karin je aku tengok."
"Orang tengok kurus selim cantik je."

Mengaku diri sendiri tak cantik, sebab nak orang puji kita cantik.
Mengaku diri sendiri bodoh, sebab nak orang puji kita pandai.
Mengaku diri sendiri gemok gedempol, sebab nak orang puji kita kurus slim.

Itulah saya. Tak pernah reti bersyukur.

To people surrounding me these past few days, sorry for having to bear with my constant pain-in-the-ass complaints of how ugly how stupid how much lecture notes I haven't covered. Ampunnn.

UCDians second year especially, all the best for tomorrow until 20hb. Usaha sehabis mana pun kalau Allah kata susah, susah jugak. wuwuu
Maybe that's why efforts need to come together with prayers and tawakkal.

Ya Allah please make it smooth and easy for us and whenever we're stuck in the middle of answering the papers please please please spark some ideas in our worn-out brain pleaseee :)

my final lap.bye semua