Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gosh, the new year.

wow really. time flies extremely fast, and now I'm left with only another half-year of agony (I mean college, really). Classes start next week, and gosh, how short the holiday is, way too short for stress recovery =(

Muslims have just welcomed a new year of hijrah, 1430H, and may it brings an infinite stream of happiness and blessings, so Salam Maal Hijrah to all. =)
Good to bad, positive to negative.

And also, I'm pronounced guilty of not updating my blog for quite a while. Oh well, the holidays occupied me too much I guess haha

So basically, things happened during the hand-over of 2008 to 2009.
  • Let us be reminded of the hardships and unimaginable fear and sufferings that our fellow brothers and sisters are now going through in Palestine, no thanks to the you-know-who. Sometimes, it feels like a shame to be savouring all the peace and harmony when there're people out there mourning the loss of their loved ones. Allahuakbar!
  • My illegal passion is now about to made LEGAL! Driving, of course. My computer test will take place this Friday. I know it's just an L, but at least license's on the way! (^o^) Plus, I've delayed for so long since I turned 17 last year, aite?

  • Congratulations, and mabruk alaik, to Zharrieq for the wonderful PMR results. Now go bug those it may concern for your prezzies!haha (^. ~)
  • And of course, my EE spells nothing/ nada / zilch, but still managed to finish up some of the homework. The nervousness is piling up, knowing that classes will start soon, and exam results will be out =(
  • With speculations on economic downturn, I hope that won't be the reason of us not flying. But then again, it's all fate, and it's all up to Him. Just remember that effort counts. =)
  • Oh, and I hope 2009 will generate some ideas on how to put my level of education on understandable words, or better, for IB to be a tremendously popular course! I've been struggling to answer questions on "so what are you doing now?", "sekarang amek course ape?" blah blah blah. It's reaaaalllly hard to explain when people have zero knowledge on IB. So most of the times, the best I could do is, "Dia macam A-levels or matrix, you know, 'preparatory course' kinda thing." I know what I should really do is explain what International Baccalaureate really is so that more people would be enlighten, but lazy bum bum! =p

And so, 2009's resolutions,

to live happily ever after. to be a better 18-year-old. =)

Hah , lagi satu. It's nice to forgive and forget. Maka, if there's any, my deepest apology goes to the hearts I've hurt and the feelings I've harshly touched.
2008, maaf atas segalanya.


iman ka said...


1st ey you started on yr driving license tak ajak me pun..

2nd you'll do fine on the results part insyaallah. u always do kan..? :P

3rd i do the same thing too about explaining what IB is actually is. really bad but its complicated explaining from scratch so I use the easier way X(

Anonymous said...

omg I face the same problem bila balik kampung, my grand aunties and grand uncles will ask me what i am doing and i kena cakap, a levels ni macam STPM blablba!

zulaikhazainol said...

haha sorry iman, can't help the envy of watching others drive haha =p

btw guys, join the club!

i wonder when every living Malaysians would be enlightened on the tertiary education.
ahhh, all the fuss on PMR and SPM (^o^)

itana said...

uiks amik lesen upenye.gud luck weh.make sure test tu lpas.kalo x mlayang lg rm40 ko =)
gud luck for ur ee (ehem,aku memahami.huhu), sem 4, interview (we only have 1,made a really go0d use of it =p ) and well, u know, the IB final (fighting for galway we are! )
+++ skian,time kaceh +++

adlan wafi said...

your ee nothing? really? then, we're on the same page coz i'm just starting this holiday...seriously, not even pass 1000 words yet but hopefully i will...;)

zulaikhazainol said...

trust me adlan, at least u've started. i'm the biggest procrastinator alive. although i did some research already, my EE is not properly organised yet huhu =(

as for bashu, oh yeah, we go girl!!=p