Friday, September 03, 2010


Assalamualaikum. HAHAHAH. what a big fat liar I am. Remember the previous post saying I'm putting this blog on hold? Now I'm back on track here because I finally figured out that blogspot was where my lengthy thoughts belong :') As for all the mini-mini thoughts, I posted it in that 'other' medium ;)

Anyways, I just feel like sharing what I experienced a couple weeks ago. I went to Majlis Iftar Hidayah Centre, which was basically a gathering for all reverts, our new brothers and sisters in Islam.It was cute seeing people speaking in mandarin and tamil breaking fast and performing tarawih together :)

I was there to help out at a booth belonging to Raudhatus Sakinah (RS), a centre for our strong sisters whose life were tested with social problems, and pregnancy out of the wedlock. So we arranged posters on abortion and art crafts made by the girls for charity fundraising. I was at the booth with the warden of RS, Kak Lin, went suddenly an aunty came and threw me a really weird look. Then she asked Kak Lin something really funny, she was like, " Can you come here for a moment, I have something to ask." When Kak Lin returned, she said the makcik asked whether I was one of the girls from RS! hohoho. Well it's not her fault making assumption like that anyways, because I was clearly different from the rest at the booth based on what I wore. tsk tsk (T.T)

After tarawih, as I was sitting at the booth, a cute little girl named Izzah, around 5 years of age came by. She was surprised by the posters displaying gory images of babies and foetus thrown away like baby dolls. And then Izzah started asking heartbreaking questions, like, why did their mummies throw them away. Why were the babies drench in blood. Why were they wrap in papers and plastics. If you were there, you'd be speechless by the witty curiosity of this 5-year-old. Came to think of it, it's saddening to know that the number of abandoned babies are skyrocketing lately, maybe because the media was starting to give more attention to the matter. Innocent kids like Izzah will keep on wondering why would people want to dump their babies, because her mother loves her a lot and would never dumped her like that.

When some people said that we are returning to Jahiliyyah, I couldn't agree more. People dumped babies back then, similar to what's happening now. People make babies out of the wedlock back then, just like what's happening now. Sadly, it happens a lot among Muslims. What's up with that, people?

Reading facebook statuses and blogposts of my friends, everyone felt the same way about this matter. People keep on throwing babies away and beating their kids to death, OH COME ONNN! How can humans be so cruel to such cute creatures.

ni muka mintak pukul ke? haih.

elis and sofea. sape brani kacau ,aku babab!

Let's start to wonder what went wrong.


iman k.a said...

ika, why do i feel like you have a twitter account? hehe :p

adlan wafi said...

welcome back!

dah agak dah, it's just soooo hard for a blogger to quit. tahun lepas dah ade sorang (read: kmbian) and tahun ni dah ade sorang (read: you)

anyways, maybe this is how Allah grants you hidayah

zulaikhazainol said...

iman; i guess maybe i have one dulu2, but lupa password kot. stick to facebook for now :p

adlan; yep2. when you love to write, you just can't stop ;)
i guess i know who that kmbian is.hehe

itana said...

zulaikha zainoooooool~ long time no see :) hihi.
btw sangatla menarik how u filled ur holidays with. jeles2 :P

zulaikhazainol said...

basirahhhh anatiiiii
wuwuwu lama x berbalas comment. what a bad friend i am.sobs :(
bashuuu have an awesome syawal okeh! duit raya tu kumpul la banyak2 visit kitorg please please please ;p