Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yada yada yada.

"To infinity...and beyond!!!" - buzz lightyear

haha I love the slogan.

Just got back from Nilai to visit my grandma.
Now back at home, but my work progress is still below the surface.
And hardly breathing I guess. Almost suffocating.

Haha sorry. exaggerating is the best policy =)

Now that Miss Syik has already replied my question through e-mail (I just love technology XD), I can now calmly start on my English oral outline.
You know what, my bad bad bad habit is I loveee to start with the easiest and less burdened homework first. And oh yeah, I leave the 'best' for last!=p

Homework keep your mind workin' and rockin' (*o*)


adlan wafi said...

good luck zulaikha!

Rhazes said...

apekah itu yada yada?

zulaikhazainol said...

yada yada merupakan ungkapan kegemaran master yoda.
haha jokin~
xde r..dats a sign of blabbering =p

PhiLo said...

Make fun of master Yoda, shall you not.... (gaya percakapan Master Yoda)

Syahidah Roslam said...

Salam Zulaikha.love ur words of thought at ur profile..
f u dont mind,im using some of the words in my profile..

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