Saturday, June 14, 2008

Of Prostar and Theatre.

I came back to my college a week earlier than the others together with my club-mates and volunteers to handle the Prostar camp and at the same time participate in the activities.

It was fun doing the ‘poco-poco’ dance with the faci-s coz it reminds me of my orientation days in this college. The exhibition was also brilliant as it was an eye-opener for those who smoke and living on an unhealthy diet. We can check our fat percentage and also visit the booth where they place a leech on any part of your body to suck your dirty blood. It was gross to watch it happily feeding up on your arms and neck. Euww!

Plus we can donate blood if we wish. I was so excited to donate mine because last year I’m not allowed, knowing that I’m not officially 17. So, there I went, all excited and enthusiastic, and guess what happens. I need to find a guardian to sign up the permission form as I’m not 18 yet. (see, 18 is such a bad number!) So I get Puan Musliza to sign it up for me, hoping that this time around I’ll be able to be a noble citizen haha. And then, the pakcik who was responsible to check our blood type, weight and all the required details asked me to stand on the weighing scale. I was below 45kg! And plus I ate a tablet of Panadol because of my flu, and that was not allowed if you want to donate your blood within 24 hours. He immediately said ‘Tak boleh’. I strongly believe that the weighing scale was lying, coz as far as I know, I gained 3 kg from my 2 weeks holiday ok! What a bummer!!!!!!!!

Frankly speaking, the program was undeniably beneficial and informative as it gave us exposure on the danger of HIV and AIDS, but the thing is, I don’t think it worked out totally well coz the participants were from MARA institutions including MRSM-s, meaning we have different age groups to consider here. Some of them from GMI and Kolej Professional MARA were 20 and above and then the youngest were the 13-year-olds from MRSM-s. See, I’m not saying people from different timeline cannot mix with each other, but it’s just that the whole program needs to focus on certain age group. We can make a 20-year-old to think like a first-former but you can’t make a 13-year-old to think like a 20-year-old. When it comes to sex (Prostar is responsible in promoting sex education btw), they sort of have to limit the breadth of the topic and I can see that the preteens were kinda confused and trying to grasp the topic.

The program was over on Thursday, so there were only 12 KMB-ians left at the hostel. And our dining hall makciks refused to cook for a small number of students. Then the admin tried to contact one of the staff to get us food for breakfast, lunch and dinner (even though they know that a growing teenager needs to fuel up every 3 hours! Argghh~). I was already starving 30 minutes after the meal.

As there were only 12 of us left, Miss Loh was kind enough to offer us a trip to The Actors Studio in Bangsar to watch the opening night of Sybil, a theatre on a woman called Sybil Kathigasu who was tortured during the Japanese Occupation in Malaya. This was my first time watching a non-musical theatre as I’ve had the experience of watching the Peter Pan musical before. Those who came to the theatre were all from the entertainment world, seeing from the way they dress and mingle around. Even the popular host, Jit Murad and the famous actress Azean Irdawaty were there to watch the theatre. It was really a deeply moving account of courage and determination as we watched how Sybil was tortured by Sgt. Yoshimura who believes that she was a Resistance spy, and also how she defied her tormentors. Getting the chance to shake hands with the director Dato' Faridah Merican was cool enough though.

I'll update the photos later. Too many things, too little time.haih~

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