Saturday, June 14, 2008

The 51st post.

Suddenly feel like blogging gile sunyi kolej ni only 12 peops left and I am in desperate need to finish up my assignments library tak bukak until Monday which means my work cannot be printed until Monday coz I don't have a printer and library yang baek hati telah menyediakan khidmat masyarakat itu Now I'm so hungry waiting for Mr Suzaili to send us our lunch yeah how kind of him to sacrifice his weekend for starving people like us and to kill time I'm sitting at the concourse alone accompanied by all the annoying sounds from the renovation and with the construction workers throwing weird stares at a piece of technology in front of me right now while onlining to find some suitable kata pujangga for my Malay World Literature assignment Omg baru sedar yang aku nak gile balik penang dont want to stay here until Sunday and then start classes I'm so not satisfied with my holidays and I want more and the juniors are coming next week which means there's another bunch of work to do and plus I have to plan for the recruitment of new members for our TASKA club Adoih gile bosan now have to pay for the undone assignment and lepas tu the Year 2 students will start our IELTS classes which I hope can help me improve my terrible-and-heartwrenching-dan stammering when speaking- lepas tu ayat tunggang terbalik orang tak faham punye English and then I have to prepare some fulus for the upcoming singapore trip and last but not least the only thing I'm looking forward to is my friends to get back here woi cepat la balik kmb aku sorang2 ni. Lapar la.

p/s: what a piece of crap.


iman ka said...

takpe takpe i fhm perasaan orang yang tertekan disebalik kelaparan dan kebosanan yang amat melampau it gets all the hormones to go all haywire but here's a comforting thoughts tomorrow you'll be having us all back and then probably you'll miss the peace and quiet you jst had:P

zulaikhazainol said...

yeah sort of.hehe =)
but still there's another comforting thought which is definitely our 'anticipation' to get our results.haha =p

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