Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Albert Camus.

This man says, "To be happy,we must not be too concerned with others".
I guess Albert is right after all. Because when you think of others too much, your head will explode due to the overloaded problems. Same goes to homework, we must not be too concerned with homework, or else we'll end up unhappy.LOL. Not that I totally abandoned my assignments, I did finish up revising my EE novel, and a tiny part of my World Literature Assignment hehe. After all, my Malay teacher only asks for a draft as the final work will be collected perhaps around July.
I daresay that this semester break totally rocks, because I am finally able to free myself from all the burdens of college (even though I know I'll have to pay for that later haha)
We went to almost 3 weddings, then my family went for a short trip to Batu Feringghi. We slept overnight at Parkroyal Hotel, enjoying the 'chlorine-free' swimming pool, the cool beach and the Penang-ish night market. There were foreigners everywhere, especially in the hotel we stayed. This coming Thursday, will see us travel to KL, before my family send me off at my college. There will be a Prostar camp held for a week in college, attended by all MARA Institutions.

I promise myself, that I will finish up everything when I get back to college, which will be on this Saturday. (When I promise, that means I promise ok =p)