Sunday, June 17, 2007

. Hijau .

I watched APM 07 last week, and gosh! hady mirza(the singaporean idol) was totally cool !!
The part when he sang 'Hijau' together with Zainal Abidin was simple, yet captivating. They sang harmoniously, without outdoing each other (i'm beginning to act like a 'pengkritik' haha).
And when it reached the part that he needs to sing using Kelantan accent, it was cute. Hady Mirza is absolutely talented!
I watched this video at youtube about a dozen times already.hehe~
Plus, the song is all about the environment, our Earth. Afterall, we're celebrating the World Environment Day rite? (^o^)

i love the lyrics!(especially the 'Kelantan' part),it was touching too.=)
"bumi yang tiada rimba
seumpama hamba
dia dicemar manusia
yang jahil ketawa

bumi yang tiada udara
bagai tiada nyawa
pasti hilang suatu hari
tanpa disedari

bumi tanpa lautan
akan kehausan
pasti lambat laun hilang
duniaku yang malang"

so people, lets play our part, help our dying environment.
And oh yeah, green every day!(^o^)