Monday, June 25, 2007

Banting.and friends=)

Tomorrow I'll be leaving. bye bye penang!=) I haven't pack my clothes yet. Food (a must), toiletries, and stationery, all set. As a result of my last-minute packing, i don't know where to start packing my clothes!! haiyo~
What i'm gonna miss, my family, my friends, my bed, my ne
ighbourhood, and lots and lots of wonderful thing in Penang.
There used to be five of us. Liyana, Ifa, Dalila, KD, Zulaikha. Remember guys, during form 3, we rule the school. oh yeah~haha! Then after PMR, we're separated, but there's one thing that unites us, SPM and friendship. Four of us went to boarding schools, and left KD alone in almashoor. Kesian KD. but we still meet up during school holidays kan? =)

Liyana. guess what, we've been in the same class for 5 years (std 5-form 3), and we've been friends for almost 7 years now.We gossip, study, shop, and even go swimming together haha. I frequently hang out at her place. Taking accountancy (UK) under PNB scholarship and will be doing her A-levels at KYUEM. And Liyana, she's now 18 going on 19, and her mom keeps forcing her to wear handbags and make-ups.hehe Gonna mish u lots!take care ya!(^^,)

KayDee. currently taking 'syariah undang-undang' at USIM. We've been in the same class for 3 years, and we went home together everyday by bus. And I miss the time when we used to study 'last-minute' for exams (together with Liyana, Ifa, Dalila). kelam-kabut sgt kan?hehe. I LOVE the way she relates a story. It's funny and if we meet, we just can't stop talking. (^o^) how i wish to meet you before you left to negeri sembilan.

. She'll be studying medicine in Indonesia (for 6 years including pre-med), going there this coming July.gosh that means we'll hardly meet each other for the next 6 years!! sob2~
Really hope to send you off at KLIA. We usually hang out at her place before shopping coz her house is freakin near la to BJ shopping complex. I like it when she gets mad haha, coz she looks cute when she 'berleter'.haha~Don't forget to keep in touch tau nanti kt Indonesia!(^^,)

. she's in Penang Matriculation College. If you look at her when she talks, she sounds so so so similar with Raven from 'That's so Raven'. The way she acts, memang sama. haha(^^,)
That's why when we meet up, we're the noisiest group as Ifa keeps making jokes, and acts like Raven. Her college is near my house so Ifa, i'll try my best to visit you when i came back home for holidays ok! take care!(^o^)

Now that we're taking different courses, different exams, at different places, what will we hold on to?-friendship.. =)
So friends, SPM marks the end of a journey through secondary school that we've started five years ago. Life goes on, and before any of us realises it, we'll soon be leading our own destiny. But what's definite is all of us will treasure all those precious memories we've left behind.
Wish me luck at KMB!(^^,)