Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The beginning.

Phew~finally here I am , in MCB. I registered on Tuesday,26th June, and sorry for not updating my blog for quite a while. I guess I won’t be able to post my babblings as frequent as before, with the Orientation week and stuff, trying to adapt lagi, the schedule for orientation was damn packed la. In fact it was even hard to find time to ‘date’with the Internet..sob..sob..

There’s two person in a room, and I meet my new roommate, Izzati. We fit each other well that everytime we came back from classes, both will burst out laughing on a new gossip or story haha~ The room was quite small, and I suppose my previous school’s locker is WAY bigger! All the rules here remind me of my life in Kajang, as a boarding school student. Gosh I thought there’ll be no ‘kad outing’ and the have-to-get-permission-to-go-out system, but there are!! So it feels exactly like going back to the ‘school era’..

The coolest part is EVERY second year student has a laptop, and they hold it as if they’re holding a book, and they’ll bring it everywhere they go. You can just leave the laptop on the dining table and no one's going to bother or steal it, coz everyone owns the same thing.
I wanted to post a few pictures of MCB, but maybe later la. There're not many pics as i look so weird snapping photos using my handphone, macam jakun, people was like, budak ni x penah nmpk kolej ke? so i only manage to snap a few.haha~

Life's starting to get busy here. I'm taking 6 subjects, Biology, Chemistry, Maths (Higher Level) and Economics, English, Malay (Standard Level). Then they briefed us about CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) or in other word it's called co-curriculum. We have to finish a minimum of 180 hours of CAS within 2 years in this college. We'll be in the same class, same room, and have the same teachers throughout this whole programme, 2 years to be exact. phew~

I'm the only one from SMAP Kajang here, and there're lots and lots of MRSM students here. I like the seniors, they're very helpful, helping us out to choose the right books, and also which sports or club we should choose. There's a gym here, i can't wait to build up muscles haha, been hibernating at home for the past 6 months. =p

Till now,adios.

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