Friday, June 22, 2007


Before going to college I'd like to post something bout my family, hehe
so that whenever I miss them, I could just take a look here..

This is Mr. Zainol b. Hajeed. My one only, abah! hehe~ He loves gardening. If you can't find him early in the morning on weekends, just go outside and you'll find him watering plants or maintaining our garden. Oh yeah lately dad loves planting okras so every meal will definitely includes okras and sambal belacan. He has a great sense of humour too. I like it when he mingles with my friends' dads. haha~ Dad, you're someone to look up to no matter how tall i've grown =) Abah planted sunflowers too. Its bee-you-ti-full !!

Meet my mom, Mrs. Jaharah Awang. She specializes in cooking.
Especially buns
and breads (after buying a breadmaker heheh~ ). Mom goes to work early in the morning with dad. And when she get back home she'll go straight to the kitchen. What's more, mama knows almost everything about computers and software and all the latest technology gadgets, like an expert. Now that's what i call an urban mama haha~ You'll know that age is merely numbers when you meet her. Whenever i went shopping with mama, many would say that we're sisters. ngeh3~now that'll definitely makes me looks older ok.huhu~

Here's my only brother, Muhd. Zharrieq Haizzad, 14 (doesn't look like 14 haha). He likes reading, but sadly, not textbooks (very malas). He only enjoys books like Harry Potter and Eragon. And i think he's too addicted with computer games, that when you call him while he's playing it's like talking to a wall.
And that's somehow annoying.(grrr..) He plays chess and soccer a lot. And he can't live without chickens, his favourite meal of all time. Anyway, i know even though i'm an evil sister (muahahah), i love you little (busuk-gemuk) brother. hahahaha~

And lastly meet my younger sisters, Nur Zahirah,10 and Nur Zalia Aqilah,7. They both will NEVER stop bickering untill somebody comes to the rescue.haha~ But when both are in good mood, they can play together politely. Pelik betul kan? Ira's kinda skinny even though she eats a LOT. She's quite photogenic. And when she's not in the mood she shouts a lot. Ira's the genius among us fantastic four.haha~ And the youngest in the family, we call her 'adik'. She sometimes acts like a baby, maybe because she's the youngest. Adik is a lil' bit chubby compared to Ira. And she talks a lot. And she can do spontaneous jokes that'll make us laugh out loud. Adik's funny. And i love them both. (^o^)



Dyg Nina said...

Ur lawn lawa giler! perfectly manicured hahah..n ur smallest sis looks like that kid on that tv show my wife n kids LOL sooo cute!

zulaikhazainol said...

haha with one tooth missing XD

Anonymous said...

awww how sweet! this is such a sweet post! =)

zulaikhazainol said...

yeah gonna miss em lots..=p