Thursday, November 27, 2014

Of Graduation, Marriage, and Unemployment: Part 3

Assalamualaikumm and hello everyone

So this would most likely be my last update as an unemployed medical graduate. I'm serving the government starting 8th of December, and hello KKM we're still waiting for your love letters? (We haven't received the official letters with regard to our induction venues etc)

Unemployment's been fun, the only thing that sucks is the fact that we have too much time but too little moneyyh. Now that the real job is calling I feel even more lazier to slave my arse off for the government. Also we (the unemployed bunch) haven't been getting enough positive feedback from our fellow comrades who've just started HOship a few months ago. Depressed, starved, verbally abused, merely 2 days-off a month...ermm not exactly an ideal work environment, more like modern day slavery, thanks guys for your very motivating experience!I'm absolutely sure I'll jump into my whining mode soon.

So with regards to the process of applying for HOship yadayadayada, I won't blabber about it here coz there's plenty of blogs explaining all that jazz. Only thing is we recently found out that KKM only offers HO jobs once every two months now, and that also depends on hospital vacancies.

It's scary to think that the last time I ever studied a medical book religiously was in April (7-8months ago) while facing my finals. Although I flipped through a couple of medical books for work's sake, it's still kinda hard to put myself as an HO. Mind you right now it feels like being thrown into university right after UPSR, and I'm no genius. Blerghhh

Let's pray Dr. Ika won't hurt nobody while working, and that all patients and staff nurses are understanding and helpful, and that all my superiors are nice and considerate..oh come on a girl can dream right?

To those starting HOship same as me, good luck guys!

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