Thursday, October 16, 2014

Of Graduation, Marriage and Unemployment: Part 2

Assalamualaikum and helloo.

I know it's a bit overly posey dividing these posts into parts but I sort of wanna group these things together for future reminiscence (puii).

So according to chronological order my wedding comes next, so unemployment can wait. teehee
I hope you can pretend the mushy-mushy parts in this post doesn't come from me thank you.

*cue romantic cheesy music*

Much to our friends' surprise, we got engaged last year on the 10th of August, 3rd of Syawal. It was a small intimate event only attended by close family and family friends of both sides. Since we're both still studying, what more in two different continents, we decided to keep it low and just go about our lives pretty much like we used to before. Plus it's sunat to keep your engagement to yourselves coz it's like a personal period to get to know each other better. Since we spent our engagement away from each other, it's easier to focus on our studies and ditch the overly sweet period people used to associate engagement to. So when people asked if our engagement is true, my then-fiance' did a pretty good job at denying/ avoiding. hahah

We both met in college (KMB) back in 2007 and we're both classmates and mentor-menteemates. I first saw him during our orientation period when we sat in circles with the rest of our classmates and introduced ourselves. I never liked him then, the way he spoke, the way he sat, it was all too overly poyo for me hihiks. Nothing happened during the first year of college, it never went beyond 'just friends', plus he had a special someone back then so whatevs pfftt. We managed a lot of class activities together, we went hiking, island-hopping in Langkawi, later on furthered our studies in Dublin and a lot more fun stuff as a group. We were both so lucky to have the chance to study abroad, nothing widens your horizon more than travelling to places you've never seen before, and we did just that.

2009 Tasik Dayang Bunting, Langkawi. (someone can't swim..guess who haha)

If people asked me who took the first move, it was him. If people wondered when did he propose, it's slightly complicated because he kinda did that on the last day of college (it wasn't the classic 'will you be my wife here's a diamond ring happy tears loud yes' kinda thing but he simply told me to wait after 5 years and a medical degree) and the rest is history. Of course there were ups and downs that were probably worth a novel but nevertheless it brought us to where we are today, and I couldn't have been happier.

It was an elaborate and complicated story to tell, we both saw each other grow up from mere 18-year-olds to the young adults we are today, flawed or not. We've just approached our 2-months milestone (yayy fireworks please!). Marriage opens up a lot more and I learnt a lot everyday as a wife and as a daughter-in-law to a whole new family. We're blessed to have a smooth-sailing journey towards marriage as both our parents are so so supportive and understanding.

Also when you get married you tend to learn a lot from your elders. I noticed I was being super observant when I saw how my cousin's wife treats her in-laws and how they laugh a lot and make jokes at each other like bestfriends, or when my aunt visited my dad's mom-in-law eventhough she's practically not a relative, and a lot more trivial things I wouldn't notice that much when I'm single. I think marriage brings you to adulthood more than anything can, and makes you value the ties your parents have with families and in-laws close and far.

Apart from the heavy responsibilities that come with marriage, it was still the happiest ride so far. Having someone you could trust and love and make fun of is both entertaining and therapeutic in nature, although he yawns when you talk too much hahah

Before I overdosed myself from too much mushiness or before my beloved suami texts me and jokes at my attempt of being romantic, I'll probably stop. Till then, xoxo lovelove muah