Saturday, January 05, 2013

Back to school

Assalamualaikum and hey.

Consultant: What should you worry about if a patient presented with haematuria (bleeding urine)?
Ikabimbo: Err..bladder tumor?
Consultant: All haematuria points to cancer until proven otherwise.
Ikabimbo: Okay...tsk

A part of me says it's good to be back. A part of me says oh crap I have to go through all of this again. That feeling when you're not wrong but you're also not 100% right. Unfortunately, we're all expected to be 100% right, or people die.

As you might've guessed (or not), I've started lectures and rotations yesterday. I was attached to Urology this week, so all things to do with people's 'water work', yes I'm your guy (not really). For two days only, because next week they're kicking me off to the Eye&Ear hospital for ENT.

Anyways, this afternoon was spent in the Urology clinic. I was tailing the Registrar (Dr. Abu bukan nama sebena pls) for an hour when he finally said, "You know you can actually leave if you want to, right? I don't mind."

But of course, I need to meet the consultant to get signed off before I sneaked out. So Dr Abu brought me to the consultant since he had a case too.

Dr Abu: Blablabla *presenting case
Consultant: Alright. So you, *suddenly points at me* what kind of imaging would you do?
Ikabimbo: Err..CT?*dumbfounded because that was unexpected ok pakcik
Consultant: Hmm well yeah ok. Can you be more specific? What if the patient had haematuria on dipstick (bleeding urine)?
Ikabimbo: Err..urine..cytology? Maybe?
Consultant: Fine. What do we spend our whole lives looking at?
Ikabimbo: Err..urine?
Consultant: No.What do we spend OUR whole lives looking at? *more emphasis this time
Ikabimbo: Oh yeah BLADDER! *as if I was suggesting a touristy place to visit
Consultant: Yes! Ok then..what kind of imaging for the bladder?
Consultant: We put a scope...
Ikabimbo: OH YES CYSTOSCOPY! (camera in your bladder)

I feel like a kid finally succeeding in guessing that B comes after A.

All praise to Allah for the chance to learn, in ways you can never expect, both fun and challenging at times.
It's definitely good to be back :)

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