Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hello.

What would you normally do if you're in pain? Painkillers.

Yeah I fainted in the OT and the last thing I remembered was lying on the floor with my surgical masks and gloves still on. My back is sore because I hit something hard. Panadol 500mg, two tablets. Solved.

If you can't imagine what an operating scrubs look like, it was something like this:
And yeah, that was my exact attire when I fainted. Stylo ennn. (Image from The NHS Reforms blog)

Physical pain is easy. You feel it aching, stabbing, or cramping. 'Kill' the pain with the so-called painkillers. I've seen numerous prescription of painkillers or analgesics as they called it in the wards and clinics. Pakcik sakit tulang? Paracetamol. Makcik sengal sendi? Paracetamol. The Panadol (one of paracetamol's brand names) developers must've been filthy rich by now.

I wish people would acknowledge the pain we can't usually see and feel. The pain felt deep within the hearts (not literally), the mind and soul. Heartache is something painful, but nobody talked about its remedy. I'm not talking about love-induced heartache, that you can find in all those "motivational break-up books" while crying over a tub of "break-up" ice-creams. When you sinned, your heart aches. When you shouted at somebody, you feel bad. When you missed your daily prayers, by right, you should feel that aching guilt of not thanking God.

But because people don't feel or see it physically, nobody cares. People missed their prayers because they don't feel guilty, immunized from the pain of not having God by your side.

When you feel sad for no apparent reasons, you feel even more heartbroken because no physical painkillers can lighten that vague pain. Nobody took panadol after a break-up to specifically relief a heartbreak, unless they wanted an overdose and a dysfunctional liver. Omg aku putus cinta, makan panadol jap.

Having no solution for sadness is a myth because we have one very awesome Painkiller, and that is Allah. Let Him know when you're in pain, his remedy has no side-effects whatsoever, unlike paracetamol, which causes gastrointestinal complications in some patients.

Alhamdulillah for an Almighty Painkiller, who's even wealthier than the panadol company :)