Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Survival of the fittest.

Assalamualaikum and hello peeps.

Now that hospital is our second home, I've never appreciate 'health' this much. Parallel to Dublin's menstrual weather this week (it rained non-stop and the wind can pretty much blow you off your bike), we are all struck by the same gloominess, health-wise. My housemate Oya caught a flu last week, and because we love each other too much, cubit paha kanan paha kiri pun kata adoi, maka mokcik Pika and I had a runny nose as well.

So I played truant today, because my nose was so congested I kept sneezing in the lecture hall yesterday. I don't want to annoy people with the comforting sound of my plugged mucous. And coz we pretty much loiter all around the hospital ground every day, having a flu and shaking hands with patients don't seem like an appropriate combination. That's why I ponteng... with a reason! Self-signed MC. lol

Being around sick people all day means you have to be fit, both physically and mentally. Especially when you have to cycle uphill on a chilly morning with heavy rain drenching every layer of clothing on you, and then you have to stand for long hours in the operating theatre with only coffee for breakfast (because you woke up late, as always). The fittest survives indeed.

One surgical book I bought was super hilarious. Gave tips on "the perfect surgery student".

"is never hungry, thirsty, or tired." Ingat terminator ke bley tahan makan minum, perut lembu macam ni mana boleh tahan. haih (copyright: Surgical Recall 6th Edition)

I fainted once during a visit to the physiotherapy unit, while standing at the bedside observing a physio session on a stroke patient. No bloods or dramatic clinical scene whatsoever, and I still faint. I almost fainted again while watching an intern taking bloods out of a poor old lady. Now I decided to bring kopiko sweets inside my white coat for instant glucose. So much for staying fit. =.= Hachhuuum! Alhamdulillah

Selesema kifarah dosa? Rela seseme hari2 la centu. sobs

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