Monday, September 24, 2012


Assalamualaikum and helloo.

After my orthopaedics rotation, this week's colorectal rotation needs an early start from me as well. Sobs. I found myself drowsily cycling in the heavy cold rain to Vincents hospital at 6.30am, just to join the ward rounds at 6.45am. Yeknow, just for the sake of 'first impression' in the new team.

I was in the clinic this morning, and I learned that positivity really brings you far enough to survive anything thrown in your way.

 A lady came in presenting with abdominal pain for the last three weeks, and it turned out she actually had an irritable bowel syndrome from food intolerance.  She only needs a few dietary exclusions.Throughout the consultation, she kept on shaking her head in disappointment whenever the doctor tried explaining what she had. She thinks her doctors are belittling her symptoms.  All in all, she is miserable, despite having a rather manageable disease.

Another chap I met this morning during ward rounds was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and had his colon removed early this week. He also had a bag attached to his tummy to drain all his digested food, since he has no remaining bowel to do the job. Mind you, that bag will stay with him permanently, for life. Imagine having a bag of stool attached to your tummy 24/7 and you had to change it every friggin day. And yet he was contented, all smiles and very grateful with what was done to fix him. Everyone in the team were amazed by how well he's coping.

These two individuals had a very contrasting outlook on things they're facing, one was positive although he had to go through a massive surgery, one was distressed although she can simply manage her symptoms conservatively. That's why she seemed to be in a lot more pain than the man I saw earlier this morning. Pain from her own negativity. No matter how much pain you're having, irritating others won't alleviate that pain.
May God bless them with patience and perseverance in whatever clinical battle they have to fight.

On a separate insignificant note, I made sushi last Friday! I used eggs and cod fillet for the fillings. Lol baru nak post. Penat bawak nak bagi groupmate, last2 semua tolak politely sebab konon2 awal pagi sangat, x sesuai makan sushi. Amboboii kat tempat i pagi2 melantak nasi lemak oke..Westerner's diet is so skema.

No recipes until proven perfect. I need improvisation- cooking-wise! Tsk

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