Sunday, September 02, 2012

Bloated weekend.

Assalamualaikum and hola mi amor.

Alhamdulillahh this weekend has treated me well gastronomically. We have two open houses each on Saturday and today, both served nasi impit and rendang. If there's an award for those who circulate the food counter the most, yes that would be me.

And because we felt guilty having to stuff our poor little tummy yesterday and the backyard seems to be needing a haircut, the workout for today is- lawn-mowing! yayyy

Introducing the backyardigans:

Omg Pika is the cutest lawn-mower ever.

We also went to the city again since there's a car in the house yaww! Just to get Yan's new glasses from yesterday's optical session. So you know, just two awesome Malay chic chillin out with their baju kurung and then a leprechaun came to take a picture with us in public. Shame on you Mr. Leprechaun :p

I realized that when fourth year begins, we spent most of our times among the same group of people, this little group of darlings I see everyday. Nobody can imagine standing in your shoes if they weren't wearing the same ones. And they wore the same shoes as me! The high-heeled foot-aching ones. And I thank God for the people surrounding me each day, regardless of where they are, miles away or just next door.

Tomorrow is Cardiothoracic day 1! Woohoo that sounds like announcing the subs of the day, tomorrow is meatball marinara day! Tomorrow is italian B.M.T day! Hahah. ok jom puasa 6


Shahirah Zainol said...

Hahah. Kak ika dari dulu lagi rajin potong rumput. Anyways burok gila pika hahah!

zulaikha zainol said...

Nyahaha tepaksaaa rumput tu dah ada beribu spesis siput babi dah tggai bebulan, pika bgn2 tidok kena paksa join hahah

-miftah- said...

haha chumel gilos piqaa.naseb kau mention name die, kalau tak tahu pun ade die situu