Friday, June 01, 2012

My unproductive week.

Assalamualaikum and hellow mellow.

Unfortunately this has been my unproductive week. After a painful stint on the first week by my difficult SpR (aka specialist registrar), my body and soul decided to play it cool this week.

And it is not helped by the fact that everyone is getting married this weekend. Friends are moving onto the next phase of life, some wedded, some pregnant, some having their second child on the way, some graduating, some working. And here I am sitting pathetically in front of this stinky keyboard, typing away my stagnant self. Plus I have exams coming up mid-June, not cool. Not cool. Na-a-ah.

I wish I'm home to celebrate every littlest happiness with friends and families :'(

As for the little family here in Dubs, we went to the city centre after hospital, and have a little sugary treat. Johnnie cupcakes are super sweet, I bet it can drive any kids hyper all night long.

"One of the secrets to a happy life is continuous supply of cupcakes."

...And after you're happy, you'll get diabetes. Your smile turns sweeter, of course your blood does too. haha

Ahh the times when my sisters would drag me to J.Co Donuts to buy them frozen yoghurt with all those sweet dressings they're excited to choose. I should get them to eat salads soon.

Stressnya. Everybody's starting their summer break, balik malaysia bagai, and I have to studyyy. In-denial mode: On.

Ujian Tuhannn. Tabahlah wahai zulaikha. ohyehh


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