Saturday, June 23, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hello people.

I've been letting all blogging intentions queueing at the back of my head. Apparently with so much time in my hands, it seemed to fly by ever so quickly. I hate how I always forget dates and days during holidays, now I'm not even sure if it's already Saturday.

I went babysitting little Adam yesterday, Adam was already dozing off half an hour after an episode of cartoons. I think he decided to sleep after listening to my ugly voice's attempt at lullabies. Hahah poor Adam.Speaking of which, I remembered Abah's rendition of "ahlan bina", the lullaby spanning from me to my youngest adik's babyhood. The melody is still fresh in my head, and will remain so until forever. hee

On a separate note, mama abah have the power to make me smile on my own. Just during my stressful study week before the midterm exam, mama found a new hobby while on their routine early morning trip to work. Thanks to Apple's fabulous iMessage, here's the result;

 Rock uolsss

Daily pictures of this two lovebirds on the way to work. As they normally head off at 7-ish in the morning, it's midnight at where I am. A perfect goodnight message :)

And if they ran out of camwhoring ideas, a picture of the bridge was sent instead. Hahaha

So now I miss the Penang bridge more than I miss them. kekeke kidding :p
Abah's birthday was last Wednesday, and I felt bad for not being around like last year. Oh well, I'm always not around, it's been ages since I remembered celebrating mama's birthday at home. tsk

All my bibiks are leaving for home tomorrow, safe flight you guys! I'll miss youuu till August ;)


Anonymous said...

ika...dah lama mama stop buat keja ni sebab time ni ika dh larut malam, takut tergannggu tido mu my princes...

Atiqah Zainal said...

comel la mama dgn abah ika.. :)
atiqah pun tersenyum baca post ni :)