Monday, June 18, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hello.

Including today, I have actually savoured the taste of freedom for almost 4 days since my final exam on last Thursday. Not so much of a freedom though, as the thought of entering fourth year is even more dreadful. I'd rather say it's a pause from all the hassles we've hurdled.

I've been wanting to say a lot about how the exam went, but well, summer calling. And my days were all occupied with either outings with friends, eat-out, or random shopping, and it has only been 4 days. I was hoping to put a halt to my weary self, only to find that I'm even more fatigued than I was before exams.

Sometimes even if you're surrounded with the people you love, a little time for yourself is treasured even more. I was longing for a deep dreamless sleep and an early morning with a good book and a cuppa coffee on my warm bed. You know how your day turns out fresher whenever you started out early, I miss that feeling.

With numerous trips and plans ahead, all I'm missing now is a brief quality me-time.