Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Free or busy?

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Wah. Unbelievably amazing. The fact that I updated this site daily. Hoyeh
Anyways, today was the day my makcik pika and I finally had the courage to ask a man out on a date. And we were rejected. Sobs. Down habis.

Trying to make our Tuesday productive, we went looking for potential patient for a chitchat on their history. So we knocked on Mr. H's door. He answered after the third knock. Man, I know I shoulda knocked like Sheldon Cooper instead.

Me: Hello Mr. H, are you free at the moment?
Mr. H: Yes, I am.
Pika: Do you mind if we have a short chat with you?
Mr. H: No, I'm busy.

Free? Busy? Aiyoooo mana satu

But it's okay, because we laughed our way back to the reading room amused by Mr. H's response. He was a nice man though, very soft-spoken.

Andddd endoscopy/ colonoscopy session this morning was epic. Amazing how everyone in the endoscopy theatre couldn't  take their eyes off the monitoring screen, as if they're watching a Harry Potter movie instead of yellowish faeces and ulcerated colon. lol

taken from here

Yeah, that resembles our breakfast show this morning.