Sunday, May 20, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hello mortals.

A few weeks back, on my first hospital rotation, I witnessed a tremendously heartbreaking moment. I went to my department, to join Dr. Eamonn's clinic. In came a patient, an elderly gentlemen, with his daughter. Politely greeting Dr. Eamonn and I, I don't know why but I noticed a hint of sadness behind their genuine smile.

The man was very thin, very frail. His daughter anxiously mentioned that her father had been losing a lot of weight recently. An awkward silence proceeded. Noticing the sad look on their face, I guess Dr. Eamonn was waiting for the right moment to continue.

Then the man spoke. "I lost my wife last week..." He did not look up, fixing his heartbroken eyes to his walking frame.

When he lifted his face, I have never seen such a mournful pair of eyes, genuinely explaining the loss of his beloved. Doctor asked how long have they been married, and he answered, "62 years, doctor."

And then he said the shortest sentence that almost brought me to tears, "I miss her very much.."

I was trying to fight my own tears at these words, looking away whenever possible. (Oh God nobody wants to see a busybody medical student crying in a clinic)

His daughter tried to hide her own tearful eyes, blinking off tears at her father's bereavement. She was heartbroken as well, watching her dearest father left by his beloved, also hers.

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A lovely 62 years spent with the one you love, and when God took them away from you, how can you adapt to this sudden change, waking up in the morning to what's left of the love they left behind. In this man's case, his wife is no longer there to cook his favourite breakfast, no longer there to take an after-meal walk with him, no longer there to look back on the memories they shared since they first met.

When it comes down to moments like this, I am hopeless. Hati yg mcm batu salut besi pun jadi tersentuh.

Hence, treasure your beloved. I have learned this throughout my years growing up with mom and dad, both fit each other like a matching pair of jigsaw puzzle, amazing how their love grows exponentially each day.

Looking back, when my Tok Awang and Tok Jeed passed away, I've never wondered how my Tokmas and Tokteh coped with their beloved's demise, but I know both of them are strong at heart, and luckily the genes are passed on to a very lovable couple I'll look up to forever. (especially when I enter the married phase myself inshaAllah)

Alfatihah to Arwah TokJeed, TokAwang, and Tokteh.

"To love someone is to see a miracle invisible to others"- Francois Mauriac (1885-1970)

To all married couples, tell your spouse you love them (Your own spouse la LOL). And to all the single ladies (ecehhh), God promises that good women are for good men and vice versa, so let's be the best so the good ones are saved for us! hahah. k bye

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