Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tummy bliss.

Assalamualaikum and hello.

Just recently I have found happiness in this perfect pair :

Cold fresh milk + Mini weetabix strawberry.
Tesco mari, 2 for 4euro.

I have them in the morning. I have them while studying. I have them before sleep. I think I can basically live on cereals for the rest of my life. Whoever created this mini tummy wonders, I salute you. Thank you for this bliss :')

So random, I know. Ok back to serious business, this week started off well alhamdulillah, though I was on my own mostly, because my only teammate is always elsewhere.

This morning in the rheumatology unit, I met Prof F, to join his clinic. Came one patient, V, with a 25-year history of rheumatoid arthritis. Her hands and feet are severely debilitated from her arthritis. 
Prof asked me, "How old are you?" 
"I'm 22 this year."
"V had rheumatoid arthritis for nearly 25 years now, that's basically your whole life."

I've been generally healthy for 22 years now, not challenged medically, while this lady has been battling arthritis everyday for 25 years. 

...And I rarely thank Allah for the gift of 22 years of good health. :-/

p/s: My sneaky parents read this blog a lot (I know, parents nowadays are all very tech savvy). Hahah. So to Abah who is currently feverish, have a good rest. A LOT of good rest, please. Love you both. muah2


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