Friday, April 20, 2012


Assalamualaikum and heyo.

Weekend's here! It'll pass by too quickly, as always.

Today I joined the ward round, with a slight twist, because it was led by my team's consultant, Prof Veale. He was on leave for a couple days ago because he injured his leg. So during the ward round, Prof V was wearing a huge cast, slightly limping. Amazing how he managed to walk around the hospital to see his patients in that state. He also asked so many simple medical questions that send us back to square one. I really need to revise my first and second-year books. Sobs

The Rheumatology team. It was an all-guys team, so I was the rose among the thorns. cecehh.
They all walk very fast, I could barely catch up =.=

So as the whole team visited all patients under Prof V's supervision, we reached our very last patient in the ICU, pakcik BB. He was unconscious, with wires attached to so many complicated machines. He looked familiar, then I remembered, I went to visit him last week to take a history. He was chatty, always smiling, when I talked to him last Thursday in the ward.

Now there he was, lying unconsciously and seemed very unwell. So frail and small in his oversized ICU bed.

Pakcik BB, moga cepat sembuh. Sedih tgk beliau dekat ICU, sebelum ni ok sihat walafiat. Tsk

Nikmat sihat memang pinjaman Tuhan kan.

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