Sunday, April 29, 2012


Assalamualaikum, and hello.

Today something hit me pwetty hard. A good friend mentioned about Hari Kiamat, where loved ones blame each other, where some desperately seek for forgiveness, where some rise happily from the good deeds in their lives.

Kiamat. Many avoid this topic, it scares people, all the thoughts about kulit terbakar wajah tertunduk hina makanan dari pohon berduri dan nanah, of course they all sounded dreadful, but they are real. Somehow we need these reminders, to make us strive for heaven even more. Sadly, many just brush Kiamat off their list of concerns, maybe because it's not something we can touch or feel, or maybe some just say, Kiamat jauh lagi.

Nevertheless, one thing that really hits me, is the fact that we'll blame each other on Judgement Day. We'll blame our friends for not telling us to solat on time, we'll blame our teachers for letting us play truant and cheat in exams, even worse, we'll blame our parents, for many many sins we're too afraid to be held responsible.

Parents, individuals dearest to our hearts, the perfect pair that Allah blesses us with for most of our life span, but we blame them on Judgement Day. We blame them for the things we do, for the solat we missed, for the puasa we abandoned, for the zina and maksiat we did. Yes, everybody think, "Nahh, that's insane. That's impossible. Why would anyone blame their loved ones on Judgement Day?"

But sadly, it will happen. Definitely will. Stated in the Quran. People point fingers to each other, to save their own skins from hellfire, even their own parents. Nauzubillah.

"Allah berfirman, "Masuklah kamu ke dalam api neraka bersama golongan jin dan manusia yg telah lebih dahulu dari kamu. Setiap kali suatu umat masuk, dia melaknat saudaranya, sehingga apabila mereka telah masuk semuanya, berkatalah orang yang masuk kemudian kepada orang yang masuk terlebih dahulu, "Ya Tuhan kami, mereka telah menyesatkan kami. Datangkanlah seksaan berlipat ganda kepada mereka." Allah berfirman, "Masing-masing akan diseksa berlipat kali ganda, tetapi kamu tidak mengetahui." [Al-A'raf, 7:38]

Solutions: Strive towards good deeds, strive towards heaven. So that on Judgement Day, we won't be blaming our parents, so that we would be the ones who'll bring blessings to these lovely people we call mommy, daddy, ibu, ayah, bapak, mak.

I love mama and abah, everyday we pray that Allah loves them as much as they love us when we're kids (grown-ups pun). But how far did we strive to be anak soleh dan solehah, that one day they would be smiling in the hereafter to be blessed with a child yang diredhai Allah. sobs

Sorry mama abah, I'm imperfect in many ways. Too many flaws in this child of yours, banyak dosa. But I love you-s, and I'll promise to be better for you. huhu

Abah with his demanding little princess, 1991. (princess? cehh)

Mammyyy, summer break pic in 2010.

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