Monday, March 05, 2012


Assalamualaikum and hello.

Moving house is tedious. Moving on is a different story. So the day finally came. The day I've been dreading all along, as if I have the power to stop time and make them stay. This heart beats fast, whenever I flashed back to the moment I waved them goodbye, the moment I saw them with their passports and luggages, the moment hugs were exchanged, the moment I held on to their final look as they disappeared into the departure gate. Emotions I thought can be put at bay, seemed too obvious to hide. Oh God, I never thought it'd be this tough, bidding them goodbye. Dublin airport Terminal 2 is our witness to that tearful occasion.

Just as we turned our backs to head back home, I felt this huge hole in my heart, as if somebody's taken a big chunk of love out of it.

They went home with a whole new prospect, the anticipation of starting clinical years at a place so dear to me, Penang. What's left for me is just the same old routine, lectures at the good ol' health science building, trips to the city on Dublin Bus, frequent calls on Skype with families, same old same old.

Parting ways is a beautiful thing, you don't know when will you meet them again, probably this summer, probably next year, probably not until they get married. The mystery lies in God's hands, all that's left for us are the memories and laughters we were blessed to share. I managed to say goodbye to most of them, but I missed out on some. To some, I may bid you goodbye at last week's farewell party, to some, I may have met you for the last time in a shop, to some, I may have accompanied you right to the airport. To some, the last time we talked may not be a proper goodbye.

I would do no justice to summarize the past few years we had in just a short post. But please know that you'll be in my prayers, and I hope I'm in yours too.


Bye Ain, jangan koyak2, make new friends, and jangan lupa aku. You leaving means I lost my partner-in-crime, one less shopping mate, one less impromptu-fast-food-order mate, one less in everything I normally do with you  :(

Bye Atiqah, tak sempat ambik gambar dengan atiqah. I was among the last to hug you, no long wishes, just hoping that the smile stays on your face forever :)

Bye Mozek, and Ali, kurang hasam ko mozek , tak babai aku pun. Tak saba sangat nak balik malaysia la tu. huh

Bye ila, the picture was priceless :) amal, wanzam, pizu, jasmin, jiha, nisah, seha, ain, ok macam tak logik nak sebut semua. But I sincerely miss you guys, all of you, it really hurts every time I think of a long 2.5 years without you guys ;(

Bye miftah jugak, walaupun kau x balik, you're no longer within a door's knock to me :( Jaga diri kat rumah baru ok. I'll miss you cheering me up :(

Ok ika, you have to stop getting teary-eyed every time you look at old pictures. Big girls don't cry.

I'll see you guys soon. This is definitely not a goodbye.

Whoa. This really is tough. STOP CRYING. kbye


Atiqah Zainal said...

:) no long wishes, thats mean kena jumpa lagi next time insyaAllah for a long proper wishes :)

take care you!

ain nabila said...

sobs alamak nangis balik bace ni ika..ok no goodbyes..we'll meet again sumday inshaAllah. memories we had together are among the best memories ive ever had :)xnak cakap pasal lost huhu..keep calm n move on u take care mate. jom stdy rajin2 kata nak jd doc kan. the rest leave it to Him :)

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