Thursday, December 01, 2011

What if.

What if you’re sad, and you cried and cried, but it doesn’t take your sadness away?

What if you did a thousand things right, but people see a million things wrong?

What if you’re happy and you smiled, but it’s only temporary on the outside?

What if you wanted to change, but God told you to wait maybe because He has something in store?

What if you lost yourself, and you tried rewinding, but you’re still stuck being the miserable you?

What if you wanted time to freeze, so that you can savour the last moments you have, but time opposes you and move on so quickly?

What if you wanted something badly, but it appears to be exactly the opposite?

What if things didn't turn out well, how would you react, would you lost your mind or turn to God?

What if you tried so hard to change, but it didn’t work out?

What if you’re so depressed, and you’re struggling to keep yourself sane?

What if the cycle never stops?

What if. What freakin' if.


Anonymous said...

If i was having troubles, i will said to myself:

What if He just ease everything, there is no trouble
what if there is no trouble, there is no stress
what if there is no stress, people can do whatever they think
what if there are all people like that, this earth is already explode

and if i just wanna to sit there, just wanna wait for the urge come through, i will said to myself:

What if the Messenger waits like me, i will not feel and understand the Islam right now..

Keep strong girl!!

Anonymous said...

Today terbaca ini:


I noe that u r strong.. Keep praying for u..

Kodok said...

What if we appriciate what we have now rather than longing for what we don't have..