Wednesday, November 02, 2011


is golden.

Ever heard of that saying? I guess it hits me the most today.

You know, in my university we're blessed enough to have our own prayer room for the muslims. Built with the effort of a group of people, may God bless them. And as the prayer room is the only place you can golek2, and eat (ada air basuh tgn), we spent most of the times having our lunch in there as well.

I went to the prayer room, recently, taknak cakap waktu bila. And the first jemaah has already finished their solat. Then I heard another voice started a new saff. I decided to follow. But the voice of the Imam was slow that I had to listen very closely. And then when it comes to the first sujud, I had no idea which rakaat were we at. So I assumed it was tahiyat. Not long after, I lost track of the Imam's voice because the prayer room was so noisy with muttering and talking and whatnot. At last, I was forced to end my solat because the only part I heard was the Imam giving salam. And I had to start over on my own.

I know I shouldn't be talking about this because I'm pretty sure I would be that noisy when I was in the prayer room with my friends. Nanti mcm cakap x serupa bikin pulak kan. Sometimes, I just can't stop talking and sometimes, I forgot that there are people trying to pray in peace. But today, as I prayed and was surrounded by all the distractions, I realised how important silence is when you're performing solat.

As we're all now approaching the 20s and most of us are growing serious and mature with matters in life, why don't we get serious when it comes to solat too. After all, it is a serious business.

And if you happen to see me in the prayer room, noisily chatting away, do remind me :) Sometimes tak sedar kita buat bising, ada orang tension tak boleh khusyuk solat.

Speaking of golden, I noticed the leaves are all turning golden to welcome winter. Autumn would be my second favourite season after spring :)

Roebuck Downs
Simply a note to self. Silence is golden :)

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