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Suddenly feel like posting. You know I sometimes wonder, from almost a decade experience of mingling with boys (that excludes my 3 years in an all-girls school), I find a lot of things about them reflect total coolness. Not that I'm not thankful being a girl, no, it's just that some things about boys/men left me wondering why girls in general are not like that.

1) Sports. Boys, football, sports, almost inseparable. One thing I find interesting, is how they can decide to play soccer in the evening without having to go through the hustle of planning this and that. Like, "bola jom kol 5." "Onnnn." Surprisingly, for them it's a daily affair. Rarely do I find girls calling each other almost daily to plan a netball game and whatnot. I guess girls prefer to stay fit on their own, through jogging, gym etc.

2) Spontaneity. This somewhat amazed me. Say, they wanted to hang out, or play futsal, or whatever thing boys normally do, simply give each other a shout, and half an hour later they're already at the cafe hanging out. Simple. For most girls, we'd probably have to plan at least a day earlier.

3)Friendship. Apparently, this thing for boys always turned out simple. Most stories of people turning their back on each other will somehow involve girls, instead of boys. Probably because the boys prefer to confront each other as opposed to the girls. And, most bro-friendship lasts longer than girl-friendship. Again, maybe this doesn't apply to ALL boys but generally speaking, this is what I observed throughout the years in school and college.

4) Dressing up. This is my all-time jealousy. How can they dress up so easily without much fuss. Maybe some would say the girls have to cover up well, that's why we spend more time choosing the right scarf for the right blouse. But then again, why bother. The guys don't seem to give much attention to match their shirts to their belts. I guess over the years the society has put much pressure on the girls to appear pretty, as if all eyes are on them when they're out. Boys don't have this mindset, maybe that's why they don't bother dressing up every single painful day.

5) Emotional. Oh I'm not saying one gender is superior to the other when it comes to controlling emotions. I'm just saying, the boys always look like they're trained not to show off emotions. Girls and crying is common, but if you find a guy crying, that would be rare. Or maybe they cry in their bedroom under the pillow... who knows. HAHA. Anyways, I guess they're lucky not to have "that time of the month" like the girls, which is why we always end up having at least one emotional breakdown monthly. Tapi mcm emo more than monthly je skang. Tsk

6) Topic of interest. I'm just impressed at how well boys treated their body. I mean, when girls sit in a group, our topic of interest will at least include a touch on our weight and the flappy fat under our arms. And most of the times would blabber on how much we've eaten today and how fat we'll be tomorrow. I rarely heard any guy complaining on such issue. And, another thing still remaining a mystery to me, is the things boys talk about. Once, I wish to sit invisibly among the boys and hear whatever thing that interests them. Because, girls always gossiped on how handsome you guys are and who would be the prince charming. BAHAHAHA joking

Yeah. So those were the few things I find cool in the mechanism of a boy. Well, girls are cool too, but in our own unique way :)

Oh btw I've just finished my haematology and respiratory midterm tests, and another two tests are coming up next week. Doakan :)

Post-exam faces :D

I guess the stress build-up costs me a lot. I eat a LOT lately. Like a monster, oh no, probably more than a monster, perhaps more like a hungry dinosaur-ish monster, no kidding. We ordered fast food last night and I had two burgers in one go, like, really HUGE OILY SALTY BURGERS and then today I bought another burger after the exam. And every day I ate almost three huge plates of rice with chicken. Also I had a craving for coke I don't know whyyy. I'm sorry dear body I'm shoving you with all unhealthy stuff :( Haha complain je keje. I'm trying to gain (unhealthy) weight so whatever lah kan. Nah bukti...

....And I feel very crappy lately.

Panjang la plak post ni. sorryy

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