Saturday, October 01, 2011

Happy 11th :)

Hey ;)

Went out for a paintball session under UCD's Malaysian Society, though only 6 of the third-years joined, I'm the only senior girl and the rest are juniors, it was still pretty much awesome. It rained all day, so imagine shooting people with water splattering all over your goggles.

Arrived home safely but soaking heavily because of the rain, and after settling down and cleaning everything up, just realized there're bruises on my knees and thigh. Baru nk bangga sbb ingat x kena tembak. Sekali hamek kau, betompok sana sini. Urghh x sedar pun bila kena =.=' Dah la dahi luka tehantuk tong, serius macam mangsa penderaan domestik. sobs

Ok the truth is, I don't feel like posting anything (penipu gila dah panjang membebel). No seriously all I wanted to do now is get some rest and clear my mind from, err, whatever it is that needs to be cleared.


teringat esok birthday adik, and I know she'll definitely read this :) So nak jugak tulis something.

Adik, lolo misses you! :'( Actually rindu nak peluk kuat2, peluk ira x sedap sangat, peluk ayit dia busuk. hahaha. Happy 11th birthday adik! Please stop growing will ya? Everytime I went back it seems like you guys jumped into a time machine or something. Medicine really took a toll on me, having to sacrifice being home and watch you grow up right in front of my very eyes. tsk.

Sorry lolo selalu marah adik bila emo and selalu buli adik and selalu muka ketat bila fetch adik balik sekolah. Tapi lolo tolong jaga rabbit adik jugak kan kan kan? hehe. I love you still ;)


Jadi baby sister yang comel sentiasa, jadi anak solehah utk abah n mama, bila baca doa panjang yg adik selalu baca sorg2 malam2 tu jangan lupa doa utk lolo okeh. Starting from now lolo will pray bagi upsr 5A tahun depan. I love you to the moon and heaven! :)

Off to get my beauty sleep now. Selamat malam dunia,and goodnight little goldfishes :)

p/s: Have you ever felt a moment when you're a bit lost, and then it gets worse when you misses home, and then you just taste that overwhelming feeling of total sadness? Yeah, I'm feeling it now. Demmit. Haippp no cursing ikaaaa.

"Happy girls are the prettiest" - Audrey Hepburn
(I think I'm ugliest right now =.=')

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