Friday, September 30, 2011

In a day.

Three things left me smiling today. And also makes me go all shoo-shoo-shoo sugartown :)
Sequenced according to the order of when it happened, wah skema uols!

1) An unexpected parcel arrived at my door, addressed to zulaikha gojes. And in it, a gorgeous-looking purse I very much needed to replace that childish purse I currently use. The person behind this conspiracy said he can't stand my polkadottish purse hahaha. Cheers to maturity! :D

The first reason hee :) Thank you pencinta chips! ;p

2) Another unexpected thing arrived. Meet my new-found happiness, a pair of goldfish :) Makes me all wide-eyed like a child given candies because I've always enjoyed looking at the little guppies we had back home. Mind you, I can go for hours just staring at the tank :) Fascinating creatures, and now I have two in my room! You should see them go bloop-bloop. haha
Two little babies. Now I'll be waking up everyday with a goodmorning bloop-bloop.hee.
Thank you, you-who-always-know-me-too-well :)

3) Called home and found out that my big fat bro is home again. Left me smiling to know that everyone's home to celebrate Adik's 11th birthday :) Hugs and kissesss :')

You know how great God is, making even the simplest thing special to us. I feel special, all in just a day. Playing in my head since the prezzies arrived :) Slalu rasa nk skipping ala2 kanak2 dapat cotton candy bila dgr. and yessss I'm a happy smiling human being today.


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