Sunday, August 07, 2011

Ramadhan here and there.

Hello pretty peeps! See baru terhegeh-hegeh nak update, baik xyah ada blog kan kan kan. Ok actually I was running out of ideas, don't know what to write and don't know what to feed the blog. I figured I'd wait until the first week of Ramadhan ended, so at least I can blabber on how fun the first week had been for me :)

And then suddenly a thought came by as the Somalia famine hit the headlines recently. Just so you know, Somalia is a Muslim country. So basically our bro and sis are starving while we swallowed down a huge plate of nasi briyani and soya bean and ayam percik and roti john and god-knows-what-else-we-shoved-into-our-poor-little-tummy.

Don't need to search further for an example. Refer to the picture of that greedy girl below =.='

Ishh ishh =.='

Ok that's not the point. The point is, try to be thankful with whatever we are blessed with, and even better if we're able to constantly remind ourselves that there are others who are less fortunate out there who needed a helping hand. To start off, perhaps try to prevent that hungry demon inside you to grab everything at the bazaar, I did that often, which always ended up with food being untouched =.=' Membazir amalan syaitonnirajim, remembah?

I went through the news about the famine, and imagine this young mom, around my age actually, who'd just given birth, having nothing to eat. Delivering a baby was painful enough to leave her weak, and adding salt to the wound, not having anything to recharge her weak body just make it worse. And another sad story of a 7-month-old baby, who only weighed 3.4kg. Oh my for God's sake my darling baby sister weighed 3.7kg when she came into this world!


All these facts and figures are only able to leave our jaw dropped every time we tried to imagine if it's true. As a matter of fact, it is true, and it's happening right now ;( There're a few organisations involved in the humanitarian aid in Somalia. I heard Muslim Aid and the ICRC was currently active helping to cope with the starvation. Google it up and you'll find a lot more medium to donate :)

On another note, had a good time going out with fathiah for an iftar date and the endless search of recipes at borders :p And daniel too, thanks for the iftar, although we can now agree that perhaps we should try out Kenny's next time =.='

Till then. May the 2nd week brings more blessings to all of you! Salam :)

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