Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Minda saya.

Second post in a week! Yayy me! =.='

I've learned something about the human mind, better yet, MY mind. Just so you know, our mind cannot move away from something, it can only move TOWARDS something. Ok x paham kan? Easily said, minda kita xbley bergerak menjauhi something, tapi only bergerak ke arah something. LOL tu mcm translate balik je =.='

Serius x tipu. Example always help. So here's one. Imagine if you were screamed at by someone and you wanted to forget it. So you kept thinking, "I don't want to remember what him/her did to me." In the end, you actually end up remembering every single detail about that incident. This is because, your mind moves towards the "remember" part. Try letting your mind think of "I WANT to forget whatever he/she did to me." If you try hard enough to focus on what you WANT, trust me, you'll forget that day as if it never happened :)

Say you got yourself a brand new car, a very expensive and shiny one. And you keep thinking," I don't want to scratch my new car." In the end, on that very day, you ran into a huge vase and walla, you've scratched your new car. Your mind moves you towarsd scratching your car and you did exactly what you think you wouldn't do. Try thinking, "I'll drive safely." Your mind will focus on trying to stay safe, and your car will stay flawless like you wanted it to :)

Sounds simple right? Well, good things don't happen in a blink of an eye. I know It'll need effort. You know, controlling yourself is not as easy as it seems. Miserable and hurtful things have happened throughout the year, yet many happy events also were in my calendar. I'll stick to remembering the latter, and try to forget whatever bad things that happened over the year.

Besides, as we grow old we carry around a bag of memories with us. Who would want to have a huge burdensome of miserable things in their bag, right? God is great, He gave lessons through very mysterious and loving ways :)

Ok pointless betul =.=' Thanks andrew matthews, you've been such a sweetheart lately ;)

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