Sunday, August 14, 2011

Of reunion and the second week of the Holy Month :)

Heyho people. Believe it or not Ramadhan's already approaching it's 3rd week, how time flies ;)
Last few days have been pretty awesome, with the reunion and relatives coming over for iftar. That's what I love most about Ramadhan, it doesn't only give you the chance to get closer to God, it also makes you closer with your awhsome aunties uncles cousins and friends ;)

My former classmates from my lower secondary school planned a reunion and though I wasn't planning to go until the last minute, it turned out to be one great iftar :) Around 20 of us turned up, I haven't met these girls for almost 7 years after PMR and catching up is definitely a must. Well, we did make quite a chaos at the restaurant, what to do, that's what an all-girls school's ex-students do whenever we meet up :p

gathered before heading to our iftar spot :) pokpekpokpek dah dua org mokcik tu haa hahaha

With two of my friends actually married and one of them expecting a baby, there's definitely a lot more catching up to do. Though it was fun, one of the girls break a shocking news to me, that one of my classmates in Form 2 passed away from an accident last year. And what a loser I am for not knowing at all, right? Tsk. Al-fatihah to Farah Nordiyana..
curi gamba masyitah. everyone so pweetyyy

After iftar I actually decided to head straight back home, since I live the furthest. Tapi x puas merapu meraban dgn budak2 cantik ni, so I called home and told Mama I'll be home late, sbb nak ikut budak2 ni pergi tarawih at Masjid Bayan Baru. Why Bayan Baru? Because Nad says they finish the 8-rakaat tarawih pretty early so we'd had time to sambung lepak later. Ish3 =.=' hahah

So off we went for tarawih and head off to the next hangout spot by the beach behind queensbay, exactly facing the magnificent Penang Bridge. COOL habes okey! If you need a spot to chill you should really head to that place (I don't know what's its name but it's somewhere further up from queensbay mall =.='). Awesome view people!

It's great to know they're all doing good, one of the girls, Zaihan actually has her own boutique now, 'Iffah is currently reading medicine in Jordan, Chip is having her internship in an audit firm and many more awesome stories from each of them. Too bad I can't stay until late night coz I have to drive home early. Ok I can go on forever telling you what happened to these beautiful ladies. Serius nak jumpa lagi sometime soooooonnnn :D

Anyhoos, iftar with the family have never been better, with makjang's family coming over and us receiving our little guests every so often :p You know my neighbours' little kids always pay us a visit during the afternoon before buka puasa to play with the rabbits or with my little sisters, and sometimes, with myself =.=' (Ok xnak ngaku main ngn budak2 at the age of 21 =.=' )

This is during a full house =.=' Izzah and Iris came over, and then Alisya and her lilbro Aliff also came by with their bikes. Dah mcm nursery dah ghupe ni. hahah. Aliff comel gila everytime he asked for something and you refused, he'll do his adorable pouty lips to win your heart. Cehhh bodek pandai ni besa jadi girl magnet :p And boyyy you should watch Alisya on the piano, like a pro okeh for a 7-year-old :O

It's fun having them around, especially when Iris and Izzah came over and I swear you'll never get enough of Iris's 3-year-old cute kiddie accent. She called Abah 'unter' instead of uncle, and 'tatak' instead of kakak. It gets even cuter when she tried hard to get a point across and you don't understand. Haha comey to the max :D

And and one more thing, this babyfaced (yuck!) college-boy decided to come home from Subang for the weekend hahah. Excited sangat jadi budak taylors kannn tu yang liat nak balik mcm dodoi =.=' Since Ayit were home we went to visit Mia at my aunty's. Mia is the cutest ever princess of my cousin Abg yon and kak shila :D Omg she's so funny she actually cried out 'sempuuuuttt' sepah-style. Adoi killer cuteness >.<

Nur Saradamia aka Miaaaaa :DDD

Ok I think I blabbered too much. Hah kau sapa suruh lama x update. Sorry saya mmg mcm ni, summer break had turned me into a badd baddddd procrastinator =.=' Till then, Selamat Mencari Lailatul Qadr! :) Salam