Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I need this very badly.

Ok tajuk macam over. Hahah. Yes people, I need a pair of washed-out light blue jeans pronto! I've been trying to get myself a pair of this back in Dubs. I searched high and low for a perfect pair of washed-out jeans, but to no avail. The closest I get is a very nice pair I like from pull&bear but it has all those koyak rabak thingy on it so that's a major turn off, because I don't think a pair of koyak rabak jeans suits me well =.=' Why do you have to put those ugly holes on that beautiful jeans oh designer people, whyyyy tell me whyyyyyyy

nak cenggini, tapi nak straight cut not skinny. wah choosy plak

Why do I need a pair of jeans, specifically a washed out one? Here's why. Because I think it's cool. Hahah boleh pulak kan. See these people looking cool in a washed-out wonder yaww

miley C

selena gogo

kate moss

Aaahh geram gila dari tahun lepas cari tak jumpa. Kalau jumpa pun msti skinny. I want a straight cut not skinny. My level of neediness towards this jeans has reached the threshold whereby kalau org nak masuk minang, I'll ask for a pair of that as hantaran. Huh

Macam apa kecoh gila nk cari selua =.=' Nak buat cmna semalam penat pusing satu mall x jumpa jugak grrr. ish apsal suma jeans nak colour gelap skang? Kalau takde jugak kang pakai clorox nak bleach selua aci x?

Tolongg dah putus harapan. Anyone who knows any stores having this pair of jeans for sale, can you please tell me so I can stop my silly search of jeans? Makin hari makin crappy post pasal jeans la plak, nampak sangat dah ketandusan idea =.='

p/s: I promised Adik I'd buy her an angry bird bag if she scores in her exams, which she did. So I bought her the bag and she posted about it in her blog haha comel gila. Semua org sila follow dia so dia x mengadu blog dia x byk followers =.=


-miftah- said...

weyy same ah.ak pon tngh cr yang cangitu gak.tak jumpee :((
ce ko cari kt romp..ak pon nak gak selai dua ni.haha

zulaikhazainol said...

weyy ko bukan ade satu ke yg wane biru2 light yellow tu? yg radioactive kalau x silap kan kannnn. weh kalau jumpa roger aku! nakkkkkk :(

-miftah- said...

ada2 tapi nak cari lagi satu.kau p la cari kt radioactve xpon romp.tp for this time being kat kb,xjmpe lagii

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