Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cousins unite!

Yay after weeks of planning and unplanning we finally decided to go for a short shopping spree and iftar afterwards. Coincidentally Awib (my cuz) is bringing his fiance to Penang for iftar so Nadia and Apiq tumpang sekaki ;) So we met up at the bridge and leave the two lovebirds alone

Oh btw we had our iftar at the restaurant where Kak Noli works, easier to made a reservation, just give Kak Noli a call and everything else's settled. She even got us a very strategic parking spot hihi :p

Anndddd the meal was awhhhhsome! Dah heboh kat fb tapi nak heboh jugak sebab awesome sangat. A whole set of meal only costs us RM19.80 per head. Yes people, RM19.80 weh! The set comprises of an appetizer (we had tomato soup) + the main course + bottomless drinks yg sedap (I ordered iced peach tea nak refill 100 kali pun boleh) + dessert (a bunch of ice-cream flavours you can scoop by yourself as many times as you like ) anddd the atmosphere of a very fine dining experience. I love the dessert, you can pour gallons of Hershey's chocolate syrup if you want. *sugar overdose*

Since I no longer have a tumblr can I just post pictures here and stop blabbering too much? HAHA

Ok let the pictures tell off our day ;)

Queensbay jap shopping-tingkap =.='

Our dishes! :) I had pan-fried dory. Which was superbbbb

Nadia dengan waitress hot :p Kak Noli in her all-black attire hehe


Lepak mamak jap afterwards, joined by Awib n Kak Ida (future cousin-in-law). woohoo

Ok ni saja nak tunjuk editing features baru kat picnik. Space features! =.=' Bajet ada matahari palsu la kat blkg kan ceceyy

Had a great time with these two gorgeous girls. Thanks tokmas sbb melahirkan mak-mak kami yg seterusnya melahirkan kami pd tahun dan waktu yg hampir sama. Hahah

I love maa girls yaww ;)