Monday, August 22, 2011

The constant why.

Why do humans create the question why?
Why do eggs have the colour yellow and white?
Why do little kids often act shy?
Why oh why?

Why does elephant have large ears?
Why do words send you to tears?
Why do tigers act so fierce?
Why oh why?

Why do your loved ones make you sad?
Why do you avoid taking time instead of snapping mad?
Why do you throw out words even when you know it hurts?
Why do you not think before letting your anger burst?
Why oh why?

Why do things always turn out difficult when they're not?
Why do cheese left outside will soon rot?
Why do you hurt someone you adore when you don't mean it?
Why do you run whenever you saw a dog instead of ignoring it?
Why oh why?

In life, some things remain unanswered, some other unpleasant things remain unavoidable when you tried hard to avoid them. That's life as it is. Things happened, and instead of letting out anger, asking why why why, and blaming everyone you love for what's happened, you'd be better off embracing the mistakes and make things better. I failed again today, I've wronged so many times and now I wonder why is it so hard to change for you? :( I have no idea to what day will I ever succeed to change but until the day comes, I wish you were still there (:

And why do babies have the cutest littlest foot that makes you go 'awwww' whenever you hold them? :) This is our 8-day-old baby aisyah, the new addition to our huge family :)

Kak Wati+Abg Mat's little sweetheart, God's little wonder ;)


doubleT said...


kita suka the why poem.
do u wrote it by urself? :)

my fried once taught me, rather than asking 'why', ask our self, 'why not?'.


aku said...

ieka, i loike d poem n d baby too ;)
p/s: bestnye ad baby berdktn, rindunye nk tgk Allah's little creation tu =(

zulaikhazainol said...

doubleT; yep it's something spontaneous I suddenly wished to write down :) a'ah 'why not' seems to be the right question ;)

aku; the baby's cute! rasa mcm nak ada anak tiba2 >.<

doubleT said...

typo yg x blh dimaafkan. aaaaaa *friend. lols..