Friday, May 13, 2011

What I've been up to

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Stress's over!

Well actually this was written a few days ago. baru nk publish. dasar pemalas. haha

I finished my final paper two days later than most of those in my batch. and why is that? it's because of my beloved elective subject I chose, FOOD SCIENCE, which was held two days after my friends seized their freedom. why food science? because I love food, so what? haha

So to confess my love for food science, here's what we did after exams, of course, it's all about FOOD.

Went to Yamamori, a japanese restaurant with affordable prices. And by affordable, I mean affordable if you ordered only one plate of noodles without drinks, because they provided green tea for free, so you can spend less than 10 euro per meal.amboi brg free suka je eh.haha.not too bad.
time ni dua mokcik ni dah habes exam,
yg bajet superman tgh tu ada paper foodscience lg padan muka

tapi, they miss me too much to not let me join them for the post-exam lunch. I was forced to go too.*hihi padahal rela hati nk ikut jugakk celebrate, x sdar diri ada paper foodsci

the meal; seafood yaki soba. generously served with fat juicy prawns and yummy squids.
sedap x tipu, wlaupn mee goreng mamak ain lg mengancam jiwe

ni menyesal ajak budak dua org ni, dtg yamamori study vascular bio.
kite bako kite bako je dua org ni. haha =.=

minah rempit

sekuk french cinonet, seketui 1.50euro = 6 ringgit.
macaroon is indeed one of the world's ridiculously priced food, according to moi =.=

So far, there's been a lot of food welcoming me after exams, as expected. Still, the weighing scale won't go above 40. pathetic much? yes indeed miss-smartypants-with-lotsa-worms-in-her-stomach-that-make-her-loss-her-essential-nutrients. ok tipu je. bye!


fyy said...

gotta agree about the macaroons ! sedap sangat, makan hari2 boleh kencing manis. haha. gula byk sgt. haha.

zulaikhazainol said...

fyy: haha true true :) dah la mahal gle, mmg sakit hati je makan sekali ngapp >.<