Friday, May 20, 2011

the last few days

The last few days as a second year student in dublin. Alhamdulillah. Whether I'll make it to third year this september or not, let's just leave that for me to worry later.

My days before the journey back to home sweet home were fun! Spent time at the Cliff Summit and watched a pair of seals at the port at Howth. Went to Southampton to visit a few friends, then back to Dublin and received a visit from His Royal Cuteness Adam Nasri! Nana n Naim were awesome enough to bring Adam over to our house since we haven't got the chance to visit Adam. Well basically the last few days were full with hang-outs and meeting as many people as I possibly could. Oh, and shopping too. Can't write much, so I'll feed you with pictures instead :)

cliff cantik. nangis skrg

Uni of Southampton. Tuan rumah ujung kiri. tuan rumah lg satu malu2 kucin. haha

adam dtg! muka aunty ain mcm nk makan adam. haha.pic from nisha's aifon

daddy adam kena buli haha >.<

mummy Adam :D

adam didn't fuss around as much as little babies normally sbb aunty2 hot. ahaks.
cool la adam

adam nasri comel n aunty slekeh

went shopping again with pika n yan

probably the last hangout before we meet again in msia :p

meet skechers and brogues. bau kedai weehooo :p

Well, sometimes even if your exams results allow you to proceed to your third medical year, who knows what'll happen over the summer. Who knows if I don't live to see my friends back this september. Oh sedih plak. Ajal maut pertemuan perpisahan it's all up to Him indeed. So yeah, if I don't get to see you guys back in September, know that my prayers are with you guys always.

My next update will probably be from the living room eating mama's nasi daging. haha. Doakan! :)