Thursday, April 28, 2011

Random acts of happiness.

Today I leisured by the lake for a break, eating chips while watching couples sunbathing and girls giggling under the bright sun.

And then as I walked back to the health science building, I saw this little red thing on every bike along the way.

And then I went to my bike and saw this. A free bike seat cover put up by complete anonymous strangers, on every bike in UCD. haha. comel gila.

The sweet part is what's written on top of it. "Random acts of happiness, surprise someone with an ice cream today" , and I can't help but to smile alone at this :)

I guess it's been a while since I made others happy randomly. Told ya, it's the little insignificant thing that makes us smile, even just a simple random act of happiness, like a free bike seat cover everyone received today :)

An ice-cream treat, anyone?