Friday, March 18, 2011

Told ya.

Told ya, it's already Friday. Cepat sangat la 2 minggu habis. I declare war to genetics and oncology. haiyaahhh!

Yesterday was the St. Patrick's Day, basically a religious holiday celebrated internationally on 17th March, which commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland (source:wiki)

Every year there would be a huge festival at the city centre, with lotsa people wearing green and a huge parade which extended through the city. And every year, there would be a bundle of arguments among the Muslims here, especially Malaysian Muslims, as to whether or not it can be celebrated, since it's a religious celebration. Needless to say, some of the Christians themselves believe that it's no longer a religious festival since the way people celebrated this day had changed tremendously over the years.

I won't say it's wrong or right, who am I to say wei haram kot, or wei ape salahnye pegi tgk parade je. I'll leave that to you. Nnt blog ni kne ban plak. We're all educated people so I'm sure in anything we decided there'd be a reasonable explanation, whether to go or not to go.

Anyways, I was at the city centre early morning yesterday, and the Garda have just started closing a few roads in conjunction with the parade. First time I've ever seen the city being so 'deserted'. Normally on a holiday it would be sooo very crowded.

xde orang -.-"

Well the reason I'm posting this up, was to highlight an incident at the city after the parade. I didn't go to the parade but was at the city to change buses. We're about to get off the bus when somebody suddenly pour a can of beer from the window of the doubledecker bus. It ALMOST hit my friend right at her head. Luckily it was just a splash on her skirt.

And then there were a group of youngsters around my lilsis's age singing Rihanna's song like it's nobody's business. And we're walking through the crowd and it felt like we're in some kind of a zombie war or something, with drunk people shouting and jumping around like crazy. When I reached home alone there's a group of guys with their shirts off waiting at the bus stop shouting and laughing out loud. Memang jalan sepantas kilat nk smpai rumah huhu cuakk gilers.

Suffice to say, I wouldn't want to say if the celebration is haram or not, but I would say I hate the aftermath of the parade! Seriously, cuakk. Kuang hasam la geng bus stop tu. I was even ready with steps of taekwondo in my head -_-" huh.

And to make it worst, my revision spells zilch. Was thinking of speed-reading but when I jumped to the next lecture notes, the previous notes I've read will be completely forgotten. Promised myself to work my socks off this weekend. Wish me all the best everyone!

peace n love (^.~)v

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