Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm studying, NOT!

Ever experienced the feeling where you woke up on a Monday and had no idea of what have you done on Sunday? Like the days just passed right in front of you like a bullet train. Suddenly it's already Monday. Suddenly it's already Friday. And suddenly the spring break is over and the exams are tomorrow. And oh no suddenly you're already entering your third medical year. Ok enough with the crap. But you get the picture, right? the fact that time waits for no man suddenly fits into place right now. Seriously I'm having trouble catching up with time, 24 hours never seemed enough. Maybe because I filled it with crappy stuff most of the times, sampai x trasa keberkatan masa. sobs

You might think, eh, tipula, dah nama medical student, mesti study 24/7, lagi2 skrg kn tengah CUTI SPRING 2 MINGGU. Hah. Let me knock some reality in you.

3am-Not yet asleep. Been staring at the pathology book for almost an hour. I repeat, STARING. serious staring je, baca langsung tak.

4am- Still not asleep because of the internet. See how powerful the internet is until it can stop me from achieving the one of the most pleasurable nikmat in life which is tido? Get the picta sistah?

5.16am- Looked at the time, it's already subuh and went 'omg it's late, I should really sleep.'

6am- After subuh, went to sleep because the princess needs her beauty sleep no matter how much she has slept yesterday afternoon -__-"

9am- Alarm bising, snoozed the alarm, and thought, a restful sleep should be at least 5 hours. Went back to sleep.

10am- Woke up, hungry. Went to the kitchen and saw a mixture of cocoa powder leftovers. Made a few chocolate crepe. Eat eat eat.

10.30am- Eat eat eat. Now accompanied with the laptop, which made the eating process longer. Eat eat eat. Made a mental note that "I'll start studying by 11.30am."

11am- Ok I should really go and take a bath. Mandi mandi mandi. Skyped with Mama, a must. It enlightens my whole day :)

11.30am- Skype skype skype.

12pm- Oh no it's 12 already I should be studying. But tummy's hungry again. Thought, nobody can study with an empty stomach kan. Went to the kitchen. Nothing to eat. Saw some eggs, cook cook cook, for lunch.

1pm- Finally finished eating. Went back to the study desk. And think of what to study. Think think think. Genetics or Onco.. Genetics or Onco...

2pm- Still looking at the lecture topics and thinking which one to study. Genetics or Onco.. Genetics or Onco...

3pm- Hungry, heard Ain mumbled about how yummy it is to eat roti cicah nescafe made with condensed milk. Kurng asam jawe, tak nampak ke org tgh feeling nk study. tak boleh jadi ni. Must join too. To the kitchen again.

4pm- Eat eat eat. Sedap la plak roti cicah nescafe. Bancuh lg. Cicah lg. 3 keping. burrppp. Alhamdulillah boleh study dah.

5pm-Forgot that I should make an important phone call to an office. Call jap. Ok done. Then omg Liyana online! Skype skype skype. Skype skype skype.

6pm- Already Maghrib in Dublin. Org tue2 ckp x elok study maghrib2.

7pm- Maghrib lagi.

8pm- Ok masa utk study! Tgk facebook jap seblum berjihad. Eh ada updates on Japan. Need to keep myself updated *konon*, searched the net for news.

9pm- Checked emails and made a few important phone calls. Pening. *konon penat la* Need to sleep, promise I'll wake up at 1am to start on Genetics. Or maybe Onco..Or maybe genetics.. krohh krohh krohhh zzZzZ.

Do you think I'd actually wake up at 1am? (-__-") Nak study subject apa pn pening, study kebende,

So people, it's a miserable life I would say. Especially when you have MILLIONS of lecture notes to study you'll end up not knowing where to start. Sigh.

p/s: that's not the actual sequence, I mixed up between what I did in two days, not in the right sequence. just to add a lilbit of drama that my student life is pathetic. ahaks


genetics or onco..genetics or tell me.

p/p/s: onco= oncology. (-_-")


izyan.ariff said...


i guess life is pretty much the same huh. minus the roti cicah nescafee. yan cicah kuah masak lemak trus.

happy study dearies :)

ps: ni bajet nk relax kan minda masuk2 blog org dulu. *konon*

Walrus said...

stdy la ikaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa