Thursday, February 17, 2011


I'm not very fond of kids, but nobody can deny the fact that they can make you smile instantly, apart from when they get all grumpy and crying all the time. I love kids, but hand me one and they would most of the times kerek tak layan, unless kalau bribe dengan chocolate and toys, baru nak layan kak ika. -.-" Maybe because kak ika tak cukup hot.Fine. haha. Glad that God blessed me with a big family, both on my mom's and dad's side. Best sebab everytime balik kampung or during family gathering there would always be chaos around the house with them around :) And maybe they're the reason I chose to be in the taska sayangku club back in college, in the pursuit of being ibu mithali around bubbly little kids.

So yeah, now I'm in the 'missing' mood. Missing every little cousin of mine, yang besaq gajah pun rindu jugak tapi hampa bukan rindu ika pun -.-" By the way, these little angels are all modern babies, so nama semua sedap2 panjang2 belaka.

nina and little fudhail :)

zulhakimi aka kimi raikkonen :D

Nursaradamia Armani, mia :)

irfan danish my shin chan :)

hani kamilia and anis syafinas. pinas's attempt to a sexy pose -.-"

skyping with nana n pinas. excited tengok webcam instead of me -.-" haha

akiff khairil aka jj ultraman :)

jj main barbie. pengaruh sapa ni?

cutest ever adrianna sofea :)

armand reefqie yang pandai cakap 'omaigod' dengan penuh emosi hahaha :D

merlissa syuhada, always the good girl ;)

It's pretty sad to know that you don't get to watch them grow slowly. All I know is that every time I see them, suddenly dah petah becakap, dah pandai merangkak, dah pandai jalan. Kids these days, grow up like beansprouts, fast-paced. Balik summer ni mesti semua dah pandai macam-macam. Next year I go home tiba2 mesti ada yang dah masuk tadika. Waaa cepatnyaa. Nak more babies in the family! sobs

And of course, last but not least, harusla rindu these 3 musketeers. Nanti cakap tak rindu terasa plak, pastu merajuk xnak skype dah.

adik's attempt to show off her little duckling she's looking after. pity that little duckling adik dok tayang2 depan camera -.-"

FAT BOY currently found hibernating at home. haha

and this girl who misses justin bieber more than her big sister. patrick je yg sanggup pandang webcam. sobs

looking at their pictures sometimes send me a piece of love from home. love you to bits :)