Thursday, December 09, 2010

saya rasa saya hipokrit teragung sedunia. serius tak tipu.


itana said...

talking bout hipocrisy, there's a thing that cross my mind. (ni random thoughts je tau).
saye rasa la, it's not hipocrite if we're controllling ourself for not doing bad things that we used to do when we're alone/ in front of other people.huhu. kadang2 rasa hipokrit, but no. it's the influence of the others that we're not doing that 'bad' things or we're just trying to fit in the circle.

above all, Allah always knows what's in our hearts kan :)

salam alaik zulaikha ^^

zulaikhazainol said...

bashuuu :')

yep sometimes we tend to define hipocrisy as a bad thing. sometimes its just doing something we know is the right thing, but because others think it's not, we prevented ourselves from doing it.

btw bashu, i miss you

happy birthday ex-jiran :)

itana said...

haha. welcome ex- jiran :)