Saturday, December 04, 2010


Ok let's post something crappy to refresh the sleepiness! *ceh memang nak post dari tadi pun*

Well well well. Just now my stomach tells me she's hungry, and saw a few baguettes left so better make use of them.Don't want rice or anything heavy. But need to think of something to eat the baguette with. Yesterday we tried baguette with potato n leek soup. So off I went to tesco alone. Looking for potential guys food.

Because exams are approaching, so it's better to start on a healthy diet. A fish diet. Why? Sebab omega-3 blablabla. Haktuihh. Since when have you started concerning on stuff you shoved through your throat hah? Haha whatever. Anyways, I bought cans of canned sardines, mackerel, tuna. Canned fish? Canned food in general sihat ke? Ahahaha whatever. But fish diet in general is of course, healthier. Go google. Here.

So yeah, the few baguettes left were utilized to the max! Easy recipe babyhh! Took out the red chilli pepper or capsicum, sliced some onions, smash the mackerel into pieces and spread onto the baguette, sprinkle some mozarella cheese, black pepper, wallaa. 5minit sahaje. Masuk oven, cheese melts, masuk perut, baru diam sikit. Not that mouth-watering delicious sedap nak pengsan kinda way but enough to make an empty stomach happy :) Fish diet seems easy and quick, not tedious. Takyah basuh ayam berlemak berminyak-minyak. I might stick to it for a while ;)

Mackerel fillet is the first victim.

Oh btw, mackerel doesn't taste as yummy as haddock. Taste ala2 sardine. huhu

And because I am a lazy bum when it comes to drinking water, all that talk about drinking 8 glasses of water a day or you'll dehydrate and die blablabla never actually worked on me.haha So I sliced a piece of fresh lemon and throw it into the plain mineral water, the Hanis Zalikha way ;) Bajet nak jadi model kan kau? hahaha Since then, this is my third glass of plain water. Terlebih minum la pulak. Sedappp, and healthy :) Lemon sebijik 50sen je. And it's worth your health :)

Ok this is what makes me and Nisha excited yesterday at tesco. MALAYSIAN KING PRAWN LAKSA? whatthefish. haha excited terlebih.

Makanlah ikan dan minumlah lemon. Feels like running a campaign for GAYA HIDUP SIHAT -.-"
Tiba-tiba terpanjang la pulak post ini. Sorry bosan and wasting your time.

Ok nerd mode balik (*.*).
Corpus striatum is....zZzZzZ