Friday, December 17, 2010

Lake and swans.

I have only recently noticed that this month's post was the highest ever since 2007, I normally write in this blog only rarely, like once or twice a month, lepas tu biar bersawang. haha. Well I guess facebook and blogging are two substitute goods, the more time you spent with one thing the less time you spent on the other ;)

And yeah yesterday I dropped into by the lake on campus, and since the two makcik toncet dan jambul kirim roti expired (tapi tak berkulat, jangan ingat kami aniaya binatang) untuk disedekahkan to the swans and ducks, I spent a little more time by the lake feeding them. Oh remember when I said the lake was frozen last time? This time it has started melting and the birds were swimming around like they used to :)

before bagi makan, semua tak pandang aku. fine~

burung putih yang ganas seperti biasa. macam satu abad tak makan.

and then these two pretty darlings came by


The lake. My favourite spot. Always. Today we'll be facing the monstrous neuroanatomy exam, which will eat me alive. Doakan. Little brain, sorry I complained about you speeding like a siput babi, but work with me today babyyy!

The weather's a bit cold yesterday. So after cycling back home, hello chilblains! thank you so much for visiting me again >.<'

"For what I've done,
don't ever assume that
I'm typical like the others
because I love,
and they don't."