Friday, October 22, 2010


Time, to me, is a very funny entity.
Now it keeps on playing games with me.

If in a day, we plan to do beneficial stuff like cooking for friends, revising lectures, calling families, we always ended up not having enough time. Like it seems to fly straight off the window.

But, if in a day, we plan to watch movies, sleep the whole day, skip classes, we always ended up having lotsa time for ourselves. Like the whole day was passing by like a slow-moving snail.

Don't know about you, but I certainly feel stressed out because of not achieving what I wanted to do in a day, because of time.

Now that all mid-terms are around the corner, I'm constantly chasing time. Like always. Every second of every minute of every hour, I never feel like the 24 hours given to me were enough. I think I'm chronophobic, constantly in fear of time.haha

Sometimes because of too much thinking about what to do in so little time, I ended up not doing anything. One lecture note simply on say, drug absorption, would take me a whole day long to finish. Sometimes more than a day. To make matters worse, I need to cover 15 lectures before next Wednesday, for our pathology midterm. How terrible is that.

Second year is tough, I tell you. I know the whole course is tough, and if you ask the third-years or the fourth-years they would probably say the same thing. Senang cerita medic memang susah.We have only reached week 6, and it feels like the lecturers have covered three quarter of the neuroanatomy textbook.
And I'm losing a whole lot of weight as compared to last year.

Oh God please please please don't make time run away from me. Maybe what I need is not time, but the whole keberkatan in every second of every day.Kalau ada keberkatan dalam setiap saat, I might feel contented with 24 hours a day :)


blogwalker said...

Keberkatan dan redha Illahi tu memang penting!
Striving the 'keberkatan' tu ye kak,

lets feel it with zikirullah,al quran n the most important one in saiyidul ayyam ni,al kahfi. InsyaAllah

zulaikhazainol said...

blogwalker, thank you for the kind thought :) yep2 perlu cari keberkatan :)